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The Dodman
Nathaniel Devenish is a Dodman, a surveyor researching and re-mapping ancient leylines. Devenish becomes interested in the newly understood theories of magnetism put forward by Sir Isaac Newton. Devenish develops a theory that magnetism could explain the leylines, which link certain geographical features. He approaches Newton and they conduct research together.
Things go wrong for Devenish. The year is 1713. Devenish and Joanna Hatherford, have been wrongly accused of witchcraft due to their experimentation with magnetism, and they are arrested. A date is set for the trial but they escape and go on the run.
They are being chased through Leofwin's Hundred. Coupled with the pursuit and a heavy rainstorm that hampers their escape, they are near to the end of their endurance. The hue and cry are closing in, and they think they are finished when Devenish spies a building on the top of a mound through the thickly growing trees. It offers protection and shelter. They push their way through the undergrowth and climb up to safety. A door opens in the side of the building, and they enter. From that time, their lives are changed forever.
Get ready to meet... The Dodman, in
a science fiction book with an ancient twist.
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