Welcome to my website. I am John James Overton; mostly, folks call me JJ. Here, you will be able to browse my Grid Saga science fiction books and buy either the ebook or the paperback version from the 'Books' page. Click on either of the pictures below to link to the Books. 











On this website, you will also be able to read items of interest to authors and readers. You can connect to my Goodreads blog, or explore the social media outlets that I post to regularly. There is a button to connect to an interesting Pinterest storyboard where you will see pictures and artwork that demonstrate various features of The Grid Saga. Feel free to subscribe to the site and interact with me and other readers and writers who arrive at this place. Treat it as a café, unfortunately, without the coffee, but there will be pleasant conversation, so join in; interactive is good. 


Please bear in mind that this site often undergoes change as new ideas come to mind, or as visitors suggest changes, so do check it out occasionally to see the exciting things that are happening. 





A Question of Realities, the third volume of The Grid Saga is coming on well . . . on chapter 44 now.  The complexity of inventing and describing events and surroundings that take place in a dimension (reality) different from that of my experience is daunting at times. Jem Dearden and co. have been allowed entry to the lower levels of the Hub. There is also another alien on the loose on Earth. It is a strange one indeed . . . will it be helpful or a menace? Time will tell. Harry Stanway and Esma of Maldon, two of the main characters in all three books of The Grid Saga, are still missing in an alternative reality. Jem Dearden and his compatriots in the SHaFT organisation are no nearer to getting them back to Earth than they were a few chapters back but Harry is causing an effect that just may lead to some form of communication with the folks back on Earth . . . 



I have added a 'Videos & Photos' page to this website. The videos relate to features found in the science fiction series called The Grid Saga. The first video features the Windjammer, Peking rounding The Horn in the mountainous seas caused by the trade winds. The tall ship, Peking features in the first volume of The Grid Saga, Leofwin's Hundred. In the story, the ship lies at anchor in Manhattan's South Street Seaport, where it is a museum ship. The Peking was one of the 'Flying P' Windjammers and it was built in 1911 by Blohm und Voss, of Hamburg.

Stay tuned and look in!




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