Sci-fi fantasy series, The Grid Saga

'Darkly electrifying.  Stuns like lightning.'

Dominique Scott

The Grid Saga science fiction books, Leofwin's Hundred and Second Pass

In the first book of The Grid Saga, Jem Dearden, a leading member of the SHaFT organisation, inherits Dearden Hall and a remnant of the ancient Forest of Arden called Leofwin's Hundred. He discovers his late father's research about an unusual building hidden deep in the forest. It is alien, and leads to . . .

     Different times and different worlds . . .


  An unavoidable evil that must be fought . . .


                              And love,

 can love endure over a  millennium of time?

In Second Pass, book two of The Grid Saga, an ancient scroll is discovered. It blows the lid off a conspiracy of silence at the highest level. 

As the Earth faces destruction, Jem Dearden and the SHaFT organisation hit the GO button. 

        They have to live up to their motto; 

      Nos Successio Procul Totus Sumptus. 

                We Succeed At All Costs.

 Song; Leofwin's Hundred, by Nate Landry 



The Grid Saga is science fiction at its best! There is time travel, alien first contact and conspiracy theory. Read the Amazon reviews.


'A truly wonderful and capturing story that should not be missed. One chapter is all it takes to fully immerse yourself in Jeremiah Dearden's world. Would definitely recommend!'


'Fantastic read for Science Fiction fans. Entertaining from beginning to end with a refreshing storyline (no spoilers!). Very much looking forward to the next books.'



'This book is unbelievable, its captivating, mysterious, the characters in the book fit perfectly wow! Can't wait for the 2nd & 3rd grid sagas. JJ you could have a blockbuster on your hands. All the best with it.'

'I enjoyed this book very much. It was quite meaty, but that gave you more to think about and more reason to read on. I am looking forward to reading the next one. I hope its out soon.'




If you have read Leofwin's Hundred or Second Pass and like my science fiction books, I would appreciate your leaving a review on Amazon and, if you are able to, on Goodreads as well. A review doesn't have to be complicated or fill a page with information. A few positive  words for potential readers really helps an author to gain recognition.

Many thanks, JJ.


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